Home schooling ideas for de-stressing


As parents ourselves we know how stressful home schooling can be. We have over 10 years childcare and teaching assistant experience between us so feel like we may have some knowledge to be able to help you out.

We have put together some ideas to help you get through the tough times ahead and make the slightly more manageable. So, do not give up you are doing an amazing job.


Breathing and meditation

As simple as it seems breathing is something we don’t usually think about as we do it all day every day, but when we feel stressed our breathing becomes faster without us even realising and before you know it you feel overwhelmed and need to calm down.  Being aware of the signals can help you decrease your stress levels, this is where just a few minutes of meditation/mindfulness can help. We have put a link to a great website that we think will help.


Exercise regularly

It is absolutely amazing what a little regular exercise can accomplish in your body and mind. A healthier body is more able to deal with stress.

This does not mean having to do a full workout routine. Everybody is different but the easiest form of exercise is just walking.  you can do this at anytime and anyplace, just walk round the block or take advantage of any nearby walking trails that are on your doorsteps.

Another great form of exercise which is brilliant for your body and mind is Yoga, this is not only exercise but also helps you with your breathing.  You can enjoy yoga even if you have never tried it before and the great thing about doing it at home is you can even do it in you pjs. If any of you have a Wii then don’t forget the Wii fit has a yoga section on it.  Here’s a link to the NHS website with some excellent yoga tips, and a great YouTube video that’s simple to follow.


Sleep well

Again, this is something that we take for granted. We should not underestimate the power of sleep. It’s not just the amount of sleep that is important but also the quality of the sleep that we have. We will all have probably experienced having a bad night’s sleep and then found the following day overly stressful. These simple tips that we have put together should hopefully help you get a good night’s sleep and prepare you for the day ahead:

  1. Sounds simple but make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time each day even at the weekends. We know it’s tempting to have a lazy weekend after a hard week but this plays havoc with our circadian rhythm or internal clock.
  2. If you take naps during the day which with home schooling probably isn’t something, we can do at the moment but if you feel like taking a nap then make it a shot one. Limit your nap to about 10-30 mins as this then won’t hinder your good night’s sleep as having longer naps will make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.
  3. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. This means no screen time at least an hour before you go to bed, try reading instead. Soaking in a warm scented bath (lavender & chamomile are good fragrances for this). Here is some links to some of our products that we think may help:

Scent-ify your environment

Having fragrances that you enjoy burning around the house is a practical way of relaxing and de stressing yourself. Simply pop a couple of soy wax melts into a burner and let them melt and release the fragrance. Here is a list of fragrances that we think will help:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Jasmin
  • Orange


Give yourself a break(often)

One of the beauties of home schooling is the freedom to take a break when you are weary. We all need a break now and then, and regular breaks refresh both body and mind. Here are some of the ways we take a break and relieve stress:

  1. Drink a cup of herbal or decaffeinated tea with a healthy snack.
  2. Take a brisk or leisurely walk–both will alleviate stress.
  3. Read.
  4. Listen to music.
  5. Enjoy a lively conversation with your kids. Let them choose the topic (as long as it’s fun or light-hearted) and simply revel in the joy of being able to chat with your children in the middle of a typical school day.
Let us know how you get on with any of these tips, and don’t forget – you’re doing amazing!

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