Natural doggie bath bombs (pack of 2)

Why not treat your beloved pooch with one of our handmade natural bath bombs. Our doggie bath bombs come in 3 fragrances at the moment and these are as follows:

Lavender essential oil, Lavender oil can help with joint pain due to the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it is also known for its calming properties. Lavender has soothing effects that can calm anxiety and reduce stress.

Lemongrass essential oil, One of the major benefits of using lemongrass essential oil on or around your dogs is that it is a great insect repellent or bug repellent. It can be used as a flea and tick repellent for dogs.
Lemongrass also acts as a natural antiseptic, reduces inflammation and promotes a healthy, shiny coat. Its uplifting aroma also helps to refresh and naturally deodorise your pet’s fur, leaving them feeling and smelling great.

Hemp oil, Hemp oil has a soothing effect which calms your dogs’ nerves. Anxiety and stress can be seen in dogs too, especially when they stay at one place and alone. Some incidents like noise from fireworks, thunderstorm or some traumatic experiences increase the anxiety level. To deal with this, it is preferred to use hemp oil and turn down the stress level in your furry friends.

Other ingredients that are in our doggie bath bombs are:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Epsom salts, Citric acid, Oat flour & coconut oil.

Direction for use: Place half or 1 bath bomb into warm water and allow to dissolve before bathing you pooch as normal.



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